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Nisai Snaeh Tevada Bey Jeat

Kandul Pikheat

In a distant land where the sun kisses the earth, There dwells a soul, known as the Mouse Killer, A name that strikes fear in the hearts of rodents, Yet belies the beauty and strength within. With eyes that hold the wisdom of ages past, And a gaze that can pierce through the darkest night, This person, so pretty and strong, Rules over their domain with a firm hand. From the rolling hills to the bustling towns, Their presence is felt in every corner, For they manage all with grace and ease, A true master of their realm. In this country of mystery and wonder, The Mouse Killer reigns supreme, A force to be reckoned with, A legend in their own right.

Nisai Sne Pon Chhnam

In the silent night, a love once strong and true Blossomed like a flower in the morning dew A long, long time lover, a bond so deep and rare Their hearts entwined, a love beyond compare But fate is cruel, as it often tends to be And tragedy struck, tearing them apart, you see A final goodbye, a parting of ways As the result of loss, one person fades Grief grips the heart, tears stain the soul A love so pure, now taking its toll Memories linger, like shadows in the night Of a love that burned bright, now lost from sight The pain of separation, a heavy burden to bear In the silence of goodbye, their love left hanging in the air A long, long time lover, now gone from this earth Leaving behind a void, aching with hurt But in the midst of sorrow, a flicker of light A love so strong, it shines through the darkest night Though one may be gone, their spirit lives on In the hearts of the living, their love forever strong So let us remember, in the depths of our despair That love endures, beyond