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Nisai Snaeh Tevada Bey Jeat

Komphaeng Snaeh Doung Chan

Komphaeng Snae Duong Chan,Komphaeng Snaeh Doung Chan,Khmer Movie, ONELegend, ONE Legend, Khmermov, Khmer Drama, Video4Khmer, Phumikhmer, Khmotions, Kolabkhmer, KS Drama, Sweetdrama, Khmercitylove, Khmeravenue, Kisskh, Asian Dramas Movies, Khmersearch, HuniiTV, KHReplay, Tvb Cambodia Drama, KS Drama Live, KS Drama Hong Kong, Video 4 Khmer, Khmer Video, Khmer Dubbed, Khmer Thai Movie, Khmer Thai Drama, Thai Movie Speak Khmer, Khmer Thai Drama, Khmer Thai Movie, Thai Drama Speak Khmer, Chinese Tv Series, China Tv Drama, Chinese Tv Show, Chinese ShowIn the quiet stillness of a summer night
Love stood tall and strong, a mighty height
But as the winds of change began to blow
The foundation trembled, starting to let go

Slowly, imperceptibly at first
Cracks appeared, the cracks of trust
Each fissure widening with doubt and fear
Until the chasm of distance became clear

Words once sweet turned bitter and cold
Promises shattered, stories untold
The great fall of love was swift and fierce
Leaving behind a void, an emptiness so fierce

But amidst the rubble and the debris
Hope lingered, a flickering light to see
That from the ashes of this great fall
A new love could rise, standing strong and tall

For in the wreckage of what once was
Lies the opportunity to rebuild trust
To learn from the mistakes, to grow and evolve
And to find a love that's truly free to resolve

So let the great fall of love be a lesson learned
A journey of healing, of bridges burned
For in the end, love will always find a way
To rise again, in a brighter, more beautiful day.
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