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Nisai Snaeh Tevada Bey Jeat

Sdach Sva 2023

In the kingdom of currency, a legend was born The king of money history from the start With golden scepter and silver crown adorned His riches unmatched, a sovereign apart Through the ages he ruled with a mighty hand His wealth expanding like the endless sea From ancient coins to paper grand His power revered for eternity The king of money, a titan of wealth His legacy written in coins of old A symbol of prosperity and stealth His story in every tale retold From barter to trade, his kingdom grew Economy flourished under his reign The king of money, forever true His empire vast, his influence plain So bow to the king of money, so grand His rule unchallenged, his legacy secure In the annals of history, he shall stand The ruler of riches, forever pure

Tep Proyuth Lompeng Mekhea

In the heart of the wild, a warrior stands tall With his long knife gleaming in the sun's golden sprawl He moves through the shadows, swift and sure A silent protector, fierce and pure His eyes are sharp, his spirit bold A guardian of his village, brave and bold He moves with grace, a deadly dance Defending his people with every glance The best fighter, they say, with skill unmatched In battle, his enemies are swiftly dispatched He moves like a shadow, unseen and quick Leaving behind nothing but a memory thick A hero to his people, a legend in the land With his long knife held firmly in his hand He fights for freedom, for peace, for right A warrior born to stand and fight So raise a toast to the best of the best For in his hands, his village is blessed With every swing of his blade, every foe falls The best fighter, protector of the walls.

Virak Boros Huo Yuan Jia

In the land of Chinna, Han Chear stood tall A hero renowned, with wives in number so great Around fifty, they gathered 'round him His prowess in battle matched by his lust Each night he embraced them, one by one Passion ignited, desire aflame In the dim candlelight, they danced and they moaned Bodies entwined, a symphony of pleasure His harem of wives, a sight to behold Each one unique, each one adored Han Chear, the hero, reveled in their love His heart a vast ocean, never to be filled Amidst the whispers and the silk sheets He found solace, he found joy In the arms of his many wives Han Chear, the legend, forever in bliss